Lear About VOX

What Is a VOX?

A VOX is a unique avatar with traits. VOX are collectible ERC-721 NFTs. Each VOX is programmatically generated and provably unique, meaning that no two VOX will look the same.

VOX have Utility?

Yes, VOX are designed to have various utilities. That means they will serve a purpose beyond just being a cute avatar that you can own and animate. VOX will be able to lock up GALA and eventually earn VOXcoin as rewards for play. There are additional utilities as well, such as play-to-earn rewards in Town Star and in-game benefits in Mirandus.

Our Metaverse

Gala is teaming up with The Sims creator Will Wright, the great innovator of digital universes, to bring VOX to life! VOXverse will be more than an endless drudge of collecting and crafting; it’ll be a digital world of Web3 tech that allows collectors to explore, build memories, play, navigate fears, and earn rewards. So, get ready for the VOXverse!

Lear About SOULS

Destiny & Free Will

Each VOX can claim a single Soul. Your specific Soul is determined by the precise moment at which your VOX was first minted from its box, similar to a zodiac sign. Still, Souls do not permanently attach to VOX. Instead, they are yours to transfer or sell depending on who you want your VOX to be.

Play to your Strengths

Having a Soul allows you to level up certain traits faster in-game: Smarts, Wit, Might, Endurance, Agility, and Swagger. Play to your strengths and shore up your weaknesses. Use your Wit to outsmart a cunning dragon, or double down on Might and Swagger to intimidate an enemy. It’s all about choosing your style of play; after all, you wouldn’t bring a pool noodle to a sword fight.

Boost your DeFi

We will be introducing a new version of DeFi for VOX, not seen anywhere else. Rather than passive earning, users who own a VOX will be given access to an ecosystem that provides rewards based on active engagement. If a VOX has a Soul, they will earn even more rewards. The requirements for participating will be determined separately for each product available to you. You can still play the games and earn with a VOX that doesn’t have a Soul… but where’s the fun in that?


The first Souls released into the VOX realm are a limited, free mint of 10% of the total supply.

Vox Image